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We're on our way!

Trev and I are sitting in the Qantas Club lounge in the international departures section of Melbourne Airport. It's comfortable with free food and, more importantly, free Interwebs!

We're not sure how we got here - the last few days are a bit of a blur. We had house guests over the weekend and we had a number of commitments that kept us away from the house. Somehow I got enough done at work, the house was cleaned and we packed our bags. I didn't get everything done that I needed to, but I know some of it can wait until I get to the UK.

Details of our trip are as follows:

We fly out of Melbourne just before midnight. There is a one-hour stop over in Hong Kong for refuelling and then it's straight through to Heathrow. We arrive around 1.30pm on Wednesday and we hope to be greeted by part of fishlifter  and/or JB who we'll be staying with for a couple of days. I believe we have a fannish event on the Wednesday night. I don't promise to be awake. :P  On the Friday we head over to Ireland to attend P-Con in Dublin followed by a short stay with JS. Back to Heathrow on 1st April. There'll be a couple of days hanging around the London area followed by a trip to Sheffield for the Brickish AGM (UK LEGO club). Sometime over that weekend I have to catch up with an AFOL who *isn't* going to the AGM (even though he lives in Sheffield). I believe there will be a fannish gathering and we're off to see Sylvester McCoy in a play.

After the busy weekend in Sheffield, we're darting over to Liverpool to hang out with ang_grrr  before heading to Bradford for Eastercon LX. Sometime over the Easter weekend, we'll be catching up with my old Frank Sidebottom Fan Friend, D (and his wife and kiddie) as he's still a Bradford local. We'd like to go to the film and television museum but we haven't got anything else planned (other than going to the convention!).

After that - our time is uncommitted. Totally. As long as we get our flight home from Heathrow we have no plans for the final 3 weeks.

If we don't get there before hand, we have plans to go to Legoland Windsor. We may even go twice! We'd like to pop over to Denmark to see our friend Mel (the fact that she lives in Billund is a *major* factor of course!). I'd like to catch up with my cousins and maybe spend some time around the Manchester area looking at the places I've only ever known by name. I'd like to go to the hall that my regular LJ's name is adapted from (there's a family link). In an ideal world, I'd like to see where my sister was buried but, to be honest, I wouldn't know where to start or even if she has a grave. Second Cousin David recommends looking for the Hamlett family monument but I'd have to trawl through emails to find out where it is.

We'd also like to go to Portmeirion, Cardiff and Blackpool. 

Of course, we'd be more than happy to chuck all of our plans aside if it means we get to spend some time with fans in other parts of the country. Which is, of course, why we have the last three weeks after Eastercon uncommitted. If we get no offers, we'll be hiring a car and driving ourselves around the countryside.

It's an hour before we have to head to the gate. This is going to be quite an adventure.

</lj> EDIT: anyone else notice that I got my times wrong? We were actually meant to be heading to the gate when I said we had an hour to go. Luckily, boarding was delayed by a few minutes and we weren't late for our flight.

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Good god you're going to the Sheffield Lego thing!I know someone going to that all the way from Dublin! (well not as far as Oz obviously but..!)

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